Qualitative and accurate accounting requires delving deep into the client’s business, ensuring compliance thereof with requirements of laws, dealing with complex situations; therefore it must be adequately valued.

The aim of our company is to provide qualitative service offering favorable price to our clients.

Price of accounting services is calculated depending on the amount of the work to be carried out, evaluating amount of client’s documents, complexity of transactions, necessity of reports, adjustment of previous accounting periods and other indicators.

A monthly fee of the accounting service is calculated according to the basis price and on the amount of additionally necessary service.


The monthly fee for accounting service is starting from 25,00 LVL (35,57 EURO) (excluding VAT).

The monthly fee for 1 (one) journal entry is from 0,45 LVL to 0,65 LVL (0,64 EURO to 0,92 EURO) (excluding VAT). Journal entries provide an audit trail and a means of analyzing the effects of the transactions on an organization's financial position.

A total basis price of an accounting service depends on:

  • a monthly amount of source documents (received and made out invoices, bills of lading, bank transactions, cash transactions etc);
  • complexity of operations (transactions in EU, export operations with timber etc.)
  • amount, value and content of capital assets;
  • number of currencies in which business operations are carried out.


Additional prices for accounting service (prices excluding VAT):

  • preparation of salary and tax calculations, a costs list (including monthly report about mandatory (compulsory) state social insurance contributions and personal income tax, an information about employees- 3-5 LVL (4,27 EURO to 7,11 EURO) for one employee;
  • a preparation of business trip, advance payments, waybill and statistics reports- 2-5 LVL (2,85 EURO to 7,11 EURO) for one statement;
  • a preparation of a report and sending to the SRS (statement for labor resources tax, VAT declarations, statement of the amounts paid to individuals, expenditure report of receipt numbers) - 3-6 LVL (4,27 EURO to 8,54 EURO) for one report;
  • a preparation of the individual annual income statement- 20-40 LVL (28,46 EURO to 56,91 EURO);
  • a preparation and submission of operational financial report (balance sheet; gain and loss account)- 10-15 LVL (14,23 EURO to 21,34 EURO);
  • a preparation of annual report- one average monthly price of the service;
  • a development of accounting methods- 25-40 LVL (35,57 EURO to 56,91 EURO) (first time);
  • SRS visiting on behalf of the client  - 6 LVL per hour (8,54 EURO per hour);
  • a consultation in accounting and tax issues- 8-15 LVL per hour (11,38 EURO to 21,34 EURO) (except clients with whom an agreement on accounting services is concluded).    


Above mentioned prices are not final.  The final price for accounting service is determined according to each company’s individual situation and amount of documents. Prices are agreed by both parties

We will definitely agree on price.